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Adrian Franco

 Since and with working with Pepz, I have increased my yearly income by at least 50%, earned a position at a new company that enhances my growth substantially more than my last company, built friendships with people that will contribute to my growth, improved relationships with myself and those closest to me and launched my lucrative and sought out business.   More importantly, I find peace and have a clearer conscience because I understand that showing myself grace is important. He doesn't expect me to be perfect but to be progressive in my work.

Olivia Akerley

Since I started working with Pepz, I've noticed a total shift in my mindset and attitude. Pepz helped me realize my full potential and realize that I can and should dream big. With Pepz's help, I was able to land my dream job after 1+ year of unemployment. With this job I also acquired a $30,000 annual pay increase (compared to my previous job)

Kimberly Richardson

I had been a teacher my whole life and decided to pivot into Data Analytics. Pepz was so engaged and invested in my success, and providing the most amazing feedback. He showed me techniques to handle tough technical questions that I couldn't really answer. I was so well prepared because of him. I was offered an amazing role less than an hour after I completed a single interview! I know this is because of what I learned from Pepz.

Mary Moretti

Since I started to work with Pepz I gained a new confidence in myself.  He gave me the tools to get rid of old habits so I could improve my mood, have a different mindset, and see things from a different perspective. I learned how to be organized and set goals big and small, which I have accomplished faster than I usually do. Like recently I just got signed from a modeling agency, which had been a major goal of mine. 

I started to treat myself more like a human being, forgive past mistakes, and learn from them with patience and grace. ITruly recommended Pepz to anyone that is serious about getting to their next level.

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