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Let’s call where you’re currently at, Point A. And let’s call where you want to go, Point B. And The Process is your roadmap to get you there as BEST and as FAST as possible. 

I firmly believe that no matter who you are or where you are, with the right mindset and the right guidance, you can and will get to your next level.


Maybe you need inspiration or maybe you need information, but I am here to give you both to help your turn your current reality into the life of your dreams.


In The Process, I will guide you day in and day out to the life of your dreams by sharing with you everything that I did to go from broke, broken, unsatisfied, unhealthy, and unfulfilled to living abundantly, happily, and most of living my dreams.

If you are a go-getter with huge dreams and know there’s more to life available for you…then you are ready for your next level

I was in your shoes once... I get it.

I understand the desire for more, the dreams of a better life, and the wish for closer fulfillment. I've felt the longing for my dreams to be within reach, for career satisfaction, and for someone to lend a guiding hand.

If you'll allow me, I'd love to be that guiding light for you. I've walked the path of struggle, battling stage fright, grappling with confidence issues, navigating challenging relationships, and facing financial strain. But I've transformed my life from that place of adversity to become a professional corporate trainer and dynamic public speaker.


Before hitting 30, I achieved a six-figure income, living off my passions—performing and running Pep Talk with Pepz—achieving what many only dream of, and I've captured this journey in 'The Process.'

I'm a doer, a go-getter who manifests what I desire. And I've found that I attract similar-minded individuals into my life. Let me help you unlock your potential and achieve your dreams.



The Process was crafted with a singular purpose:

To empower and assist you in pursuing and realizing life-altering goals, paving the path to your dream existence. It's here to champion you as you reach for your loftiest aspirations and sculpt the next chapter of your life.

Designed for both aspiring and seasoned professionals, The Process is your gateway to elevating careers, boosting confidence, and propelling toward unprecedented success. Yet, its impact transcends mere professional and financial gains. It's a journey of personal revelation, guiding you to profound insights, emotional release, and transformative growth. Through actionable, step-by-step guidance, it offers a holistic blueprint to overhaul your entire lifestyle.

This is your opportunity to make a commitment to yourself like never before, igniting change of a magnitude you've never dared to imagine.

You are ready to pursue the biggest dreams of your life.

You are willing to be coached, supported, and challenged.

You are willing to invest in yourself.

You KNOW it's time to kick doubt and unbelief to the curb.

You are ready for more - more abundance, more peace, more joy.

You'd rather figure it out on your own, spending countless hours and energy trying to find something that may work

You want support, but aren't ready for 1:1 mentorship

You want to feel better about your life (of course you do!) but you're just not ready to invest.

The Process Is For You If:

The Process Is Not For You:

So, what's included?

Depending on the length of your program there are a few variations, but all include: 

  • Unlimited text and e-mail support in between coaching calls.

  • Unlimited product review and feedback (i.e. business plans, portfolio, application materials, proposals, etc.).

  • Minimum of three Private coaching calls per month.

  • Custom strategy plan for your success and unique needs.

  • Top-rated support and coaching to turn your dreams into reality.

Why Pepz?

From his successful 12 year career in Human Resources,  thriving entertainment career,  stellar business acumen, and mindset strategies to boot, Pepz will help take your career, business, financial, and personal goals to their next levels.  Private coaching, will allow Pepz to customize a game plan for you that will elevate your mindset and therefore the tangible results you are looking for. 

From confidence building to mindset mastery to career coaching, and everything in between, Pepz has been credited by his clients for helping them reach life-long dreams quickly, becoming the person that they (and their loved ones) are proud of, and most of all taking control of their lives.

Why Choose Us

Oldalina Sanchez

During my very first bootcamp with Pepz, I found work in about 3 weeks. I learned to really set goals and be intentional.  Last year, I was able to finally get my driver’s license

Fred Romano

I’ve gained momentum in not just my self confidence, but in my career,  finances, physical and mental health. Pepz has given me a blueprint and I will continue to follow the steps I learned through his coaching to become the person I am meant to be.

Miriam Gallardo

 I was able to push through and accomplish more than I thought I would. Through the challenges, I was able to reach my business goal in less than 14 days.

Mark Hunter

The mentorship with Pepz was absolutely amazing... Within two weeks of working with him, I was able to secure a $30,000 (USD) commission.

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