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We all need support...I would love to be yours.

Welcome to Pep Talk with Pepz VIP Coaching, where transformation meets opportunity! If you're ready to break free from limitations and soar towards your dreams, you're in the right place.


Whether you're a driven professional seeking to unlock your full potential, a career enthusiast aiming to land your dream job, or an aspiring entrepreneur hungry for success, Pep Talk with Pepz VIP Coaching offers tailored solutions to propel you towards your goals.


With Pepz's proven expertise in confidence building, career advancement, and entrepreneurial mastery, you'll gain the tools, insights, and support you need to thrive. Join our community of high achievers and unleash your unique power to create the life and career you desire. Ready to elevate your journey? Let's make your vision a reality together.




Did you know that your level of confidence affects your commitment, behavior, and ultimately, your results? I used to be the most unconfident person in the room at one point in my life and it severely limited my income, my relationships, my world-view, and my happiness.


When I realized all that it was costing me, I decided to dive deep into changing my mindset and my belief system, because everything truly does begin and end with the mind. With my confidence coaching we will focus on:

  1. Creating your life's vision

  2. Identifying what your current mindset is

  3. Transform it

  4. Master goal setting and accomplishment

  5. Create your success roadmap

Ready to boost your confidence and transform your life? Register now to embark on this empowering journey!


With over 16 years of HR experience and six of those years being dedicated to Recruitment, Pepz is the career coach. His expertise in career coaching include resume writing, job search strategies, and his personal favorite interview preparation.


During his time working with Springboard, Pepz quickly became the top rated career coach amongst students and broke the previously held five-year record for most student-job placements within his first year - a feat he repeated back to back, by increasing his placement amount every subsequent year he worked with Springboards.

Past clients like Kimberly Richardson, credit Pepz for helping her transition into an entirely different career path by his guidance in the job search process, notably interview preparation, where she received an offer, less than an hour after one round of interviewing. Alicia Sand, called him "the best in the game," and Marcelo Fuentes called him "a recruiting wizard."

Ready to take your career to new heights? Register now and join the ranks of successful career transitions!

Business Development

As an entrepreneur by way of entertainment, sales, and personal development with an increasingly thriving career as BOTH an entertainer (sample credits include Post Malone, Diplo, Paulina Rubio, FOX, David LaChapelle, to learn more click here) and a coach/speaker, Pepz knows what works and what doesn't.


Pepz specializes in helping aspiring entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs struggling in business to learn what they need to create, launch, and stabilize their businesses.

Adrian Franco, CEO of Franchise Events Entertainment, LLC came to Pepz in 2021 seeking direction and within a few short months relaunched his part time company to instant profitable results, resulting in a 50% yearly salary increase.

Ready to turn your business around? Explore our coaching packages and ignite your entrepreneurial journey today!


How we can work together.

Coaching with Pepz is designed for creative individuals seeking to transform their careers and boost their confidence by clarifying and creating their life's vision through strategic and sustainable actions.

As a former employee, an artist, and entrepreneur who began his journey with little confidence and money, Pepz is a testament to the power of personal development, coaching, and commitment.  Let Pepz be your partner and co-pilot on your success journey. 

Click below to learn about his success-minded program, The Process, reserved for those ready for the VIP experience, that will guide you through professional and personal discoveries.

Pep Talk with Pepz

Hear What Our Past Clients Have to Say

Adrian Franco, Entrepreneur

I have learned how to release all resistance from my past.  I believe in myself more than I have ever before. I have learned that I always have a choice. I have increased my yearly income by at least 50%. I have learned the importance of letting go. I understand that showing myself grace is important.

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